Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Old yellow dog in Annecy


Every Wednesday I spend the day at The old school house art gallery in Qualicum Beach.  I packed up all my painting supplies, iPod, iPad  Matcha tea and away I went.  My full intention was to create 2 paintings and at the end of the day be completely satisfied and head home with paintings in hand to add to Daily paint works.  Well that didn't happen, painting # 1 which was a raccoon I spent about 45 minutes on and then wiped,  thought to myself I will pick something else to work on.  Found a lovely picture of a husky, started the painting worked on it for about the same amount of time…hated it…wiped it.  What to do, what to do? I headed home to grab a bite to eat and decided to bring my sketchbook back with me.  This is a sketch of a photo that my daughter took in Annecy, France.  The dog was at the market surrounded by people and not really looking like he wanted to be there.  Moral of the story.  If your paintings aren't working pull out your sketch book.

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