Tuesday, 1 November 2016


6 x 6 inch
oil on 1/8th inch gesso board

A couple of months ago we decided to introduce our son to the movie The Party starring Peter Sellers, while painting this bird all that kept running through my head was "birdie num num,birdie num num" hence the name of this little beauty . Last year we put up a bird feeder outside the window of our office, I have never seen so much action, below the bird feeder is a Rhodo which the birds sit on while waiting their turn to have a little peck at the food, while some birds are waiting others are just flying around trying to get in on the action. The odd time a wood pecker will end up swinging from the feeder, I never realized how big they are, anyway I have been wanting to paint more birds and every time I look out the window I get a big reminder.  

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